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This blog discusses one of the most popular outdoor sports, rafting. Rafting and white water rafting are outdoor entertainment activities using boats or submersible rafts. There are different levels of difficulty depending on the water currents in which the sport is done. It can be done alone, but is more commonly done in groups and requires good teamwork to manage the water. River rafting, canoeing and white water rafting are the one of the most popular rafting types. Throughout human history, people have traveled and fished by rafting on rivers. This adventurous sporting activity is known to have been around since 1811, with modern versions becoming popular around his 1950s. The first known attempt to practice this extreme sport was made on the Snake River without the equipment of today's rafting. The river is called the Mud River because of its dangerous route. Then, in 1940, the first commercial trip on the river was successfully carried out. 

Since many years ago, rafting has been practiced in various parts of Turkey, and the country's rafting rivers are surrounded by professional rafters and tours. The water sports tourist industry is highly developed, and you can find certified equipment in numerous locations along with a variety of rafting tour options. Some of the top rafting spots in the world are in Turkey. In 2019, rafting travel to Turkey reached its peak. You may now observe the thrill of this activity up close thanks to the abundance of professional rafters in the area.

In Turkey, rafting can be done in Kemer, Belek and Alanya which are district of Antalya. With the gorgeous Taurus Mountains and rivers that are embellished with numerous archaeological remnants including castles and aqueducts from the Roman period, Antalya is one of the most well-liked rafting destinations in Turkey. It is also one of the top tourist destinations in Turkey, and because the summers are so active here, it is simple to locate a variety of rafting excursions. The rafting community is quite familiar with Antalya rafting trips since they offer qualified rafting guides and authorized equipment.

Who Cannot Raft: People with Health Issues Rafting is a sport that stimulates the release of adrenaline. Rafting trips should not be taken by anyone who have heart illness, panic attack disease, or who are pregnant because these conditions can be triggered by excessive excitement, fear, or panic.